Monday, September 26, 2011


One of my principles in life is to become educator. This is my desire, which comes from deep within my heart to become a teacher. Actully, I am not an education major in holy angel university. But I am an English major which I can also teach in the future. I want to bring the education not only to those who can afford it but also to those who can't afford it. Who is them? The lower class citizens: POOR.

I am an educator, today, tomorrow and forever. I am an educator of life. Some people are born teachers while others acquire the skill. Teaching is really an art, art of learning, art of teaching, and art of changing.

It is an art of learning, which while teaching, I am also able to learn from my lesson and also from my lovely students. I can see my self in the future that everyday, upon entering in my classroom you will find a lively and colorful completely centered upon children and active learning.

It is an art of teaching, the job of teacher is to teach almost everything about learning. As an english major, my job is to teach the first language and literature. I have to teach and convey the information to the students in various ways so that the english language has a strong emphasis.

It is an art of changes, Is isn't it "childrens are the future" and as an educator it is my duty to bring them the education. Whithout education and knowledge how can an ordinary children change our world? That is the job of a teacher. To encourage the students to increase and improve their abilities, attitudes, and potential knowledge that is essential for a better foundation.

By learning.. it is the beginning of changing.
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