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Sample Autobiography, I wrote this for her :)

I have a simple philosophy: "Life is very short and what we have to do must be done today." I live a simple yet meaningful life, I have bad and good experience in life, I have regrets and compliments; With secrets and desires. My life is full of random events; with uncertain and certain things in air. I am crystal but not clear: I hate procrastinating things, but sometimes I am procrastinator. Since, Life is full of duties and events that no matter what you work on you are not working on everything else, I am not working on everything else. Yes, life is so short and I dis-valued it before but when the worst tragic things came in the life of my family, that it is the beginning of changing everything in every way in every day of my life.

The birth of Stone: Christal

My name is Christal H. Zapata. I was born in Mother Perpetual Hospital in Calapan,Oriental Mindoro. I was born at 10:15 in the morning, August 6, year 1991. I am 20 years old, I am the youngest daughter of Rosie Zapata and Florentino Zapata. We are just two: My eldest brother is Christopher Zapata. Since, my mom is fond of Chrystal stone and gems stone, where she get our names: Christopher, a long term for Chrystal and Chrystal, the finest stone turn to Christal, my finest name.
When I was three months old my parents decided to go abroad and they left us with my Auntie who lived in the province of Pampanga. I am already five years old when my mom came back. And my dad came back when I was nine years old. Because of their hard work and determination during their time in abroad, and because of the money they have gain from the sweat of their hard work, they can able to provide the needs that we need. They invested an apartment in Balibago, where we live. And the money from that apartment is the main source of our income in every day needs.

The Childhood days: Day care and Elementary

I am five years old when my parents decided to take me out of the house and introduced the reality of life. I was five years old when I studied Kinder at the school near our house. I was so careless during that day, and I am always involved in classroom-fight because of the crayons. What a funny part of my childhood days. Then when I was six years old, I studied elementary in Sto. Rosario Elementary School in Angeles. I am fond of joining extra curricular activity during my elementary years. I joined volleyball and badminton during that time. But the life of elementary students are not that hard yet challenging because I am just a child headed girl and I am confuse if I will just play or I will focus in school seriously. Isn't it during that time, we are so immature and we don't think of what will happen next after doing something or after delaying something that is important to do. And after six years struggling in elementary, I graduated and finish my elementary year 2004.

The HAU: Building my Self

I entered Holy Angel University a month after I graduated in Elementary. And I am not yet ready for the next level of learning. But then, like what others saying, the life of High school is meaningful and colorful. I met a lot of people with different personality: My classroom mate, my buddies of friends, my teacher and also those strangers who walked across my way. Different kind of people in one university, different people who owned different attitude and personality. But despite of our differences, I met a lot of friends who helped me to build my self. The teachers also involved in building my personality. When I was first year, I joined an event, where the students are free to participate in the classroom's competition. And, when I was second year, I joined a choir. But later on, when I became third year, my motivation in joining and participating in school activity became less. Maybe because, Many vises are getting nearer and nearer with me. And, when I step to fourth year high school, it was the year where I cannot decide for my future. After taking the NAT, and the result is pro-visionary, a sort of regret is snap my face. Maybe because I did not study well and it resulted into a lower average or maybe because the course that I am planning to take up is not my desire course.

The HAU: The result of

After graduating High school. I take up BS Nursing at the same school that I attended in High School: The Holy Angel University. I studied nursing because my parents want me to take it. I've follow the wants of my parents. I studied well and I also insist to passed it. Unfortunately, I did not passed and it only last for one year. After not passing the struggled life of nursing, I decided to take up BS Psychology. In CASE Department, I enjoy the company of Psychs students and also the company of my peer. I met a lot of people who keep on motivating me to study well and to stay in Psych. But being psychology major, it is not that easy task. I also studied well when I was still taking the Psychology but I guess that course is not really for me. I abandoned psychology and I am now gaining my knowledge in studying AB English together with my friend "Badang", Like the other course that I have take before, Ab English is not easy but I am getting used to it. Since, I have a lot of friends who motivated me well, and a teachers who also motivated me. And I guess, this course will be my last and final course.

The Worst Scenario

Before the year of 2011 came, a worst scenario came first in the life of my family. One person who influenced and motivated me since I was a child was gone. It was December 30 in the morning when my dad complained his stomach and we runned him in Garcia Hospital. After the diagnose, the doctor said that it might be a tumor cancer. And he was 24 hours critical within that day. December 31, when the doctor said that he is already stabled. When we heard that news, my mom decided to let me go home and take a rest. Then, December 31, 7:30 in the evening, my mom called me and said the news that my dad is already gone. Until now, I can't move on from this scenario. I lose my dad and we don't know how to start again a life without him. We really miss him but we have to move on. This year, I am still studying, and I promised to him that I will study well and finish my college as a reward to his love and hard work for us. Yes, Life is so short and what we have to do must done today, just today.


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