Thursday, October 6, 2011


Sto. Rosario, Angeles City

Date: October 06, 2011

To: The President

From: Edlyn O. Retucsan
Christal H. Zapata

Subject: Solving The Unsigned And Lost Beadle Form

Recently, our professor informed us that an unsigned and lost beadle form of some professors was causing it to experience deducting salary of them. Since this new rule was implemented in our university it was causing some problem to some professors and beadle students.

The beadle form that signed by the professor is today's salary basis. So if the professor missed to signed the beadle or if the beadle form was lost, the number of hours of teaching that indicate in the beadle form will be deducted to them. But sometimes it is not the fault of the teacher, my partner and I observed that some beadle students forgetting to pass the beadle form inside the beadle box. Some of them, pass the beadle form a day or a week after the professor signed the beadle. And instead of questioning the students, they questioning the professor.

So, here are some possible solution that we recommend to lessen the incident of unsigned and lost beadle form:

1. The professor should signed it on time.
2. The student should pass it on time.
3. The professor should have the rights to pass their beadle form after signing.

The professor should signed it on time

Upon entering the class, the assign beadle should approach immediately the professor to sign the beadle form or the professor should approach the assign beadle to sign it right a away. If ever the professor refuse to sign it or told his student "later, I will sign it", the assign beadle should not allow the professor, because it may cause of forgetting to sign the beadle after the class.

The student should pass it on time

The assign beadle should be responsible on passing the beadle form of their professor. To avoid the possibility of losing the beadle form. And to avoid of deducting the salary of the professor. And the professor can do reminding their student beadle to pass the B form.

The professor should have the rights to pass their beadle form after signing

We also recommend that it is more advisable if the professor itself who will be the one who will pass the beadle instead of the beadle student. If the only problem is not passing the beadle on time, why don't they let the professor pass their own B form.


1. The professor should signed their beadle form right away, to avoid missed signed B form.

2. The student should pass the beadle form right away so that they wont forget to pass it.

3. The professor should have the rights to pass their beadle form after signing to avoid missed placing or to lost the B form.


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