Saturday, October 8, 2011


2. Personal Profile of the Child

2.1 Personal Information

Name: Verleen Orquiola Due
Gender: Male
B-day: May 23, 2007
Age: 4 years old
School: Calibutbut Daycare Center

2.2 Expose of the child in learning materials

Since his mother working abroad, he was left with his eldest siblings. His sister is a college student and his brother is high school student. In the morning, he and his eldes siblings is going to school. After his class at 11am, he is then left in the house of his auntie while his brother and sister are still at school. Because of the situation of his family, he is not much expose to any kind of learning materials. But he is more expose in television, that is the reason why he already memorized every almost all advertisement that he already watched in TV.
In term of his knowledge, he is a slow learner child, he can write but he can't write his name without copy. He cannot count well and he cannot complete the alphabets.
Our target output are to teach him the alphabets correctly, how to count at least one to ten, how to write letters for beginners like consonant letters, we also want him to learn the different kinds of objects and shape. We target to build his foundation in understanding the lesson at least one of his subject.


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