Monday, January 18, 2010

DEAR MOM (a poem of the unborn child)

title: Dear Mom (a poem of the unborn child)
by: edxaii^^

Dear Mom,

How do you feel right now?

I was there, inside your womb
for about 2 moths and 3 days
its my 3rd month when i'm gone
but its a life-time-sin you done!

I was there, hearing your voice
calling my name, touching my face
i was there, when you let that lady
pushing me out, cutting our lace

I was there, don't you hear me?
saying "mom don't do this to me!"
why don't you let me heal?
why does you did this deal?

My life belongs to you
expecting that i can walk out and play
getting in school and going home
but now you put out my flame

now your tears running in your face
you choose to let me die, now that i'm gone you cry
now i'm here inside this bottle, sorry is all you can say
an unborn child like me, i'm just a victim of this case

but if in case, we meet in heaven
i will tell you the words that you take away in me
mom, "i love you and i miss you.."
you will always be my mom and i am your son forever

even though you don't love me at all..

Baby Nylde


Janiel Canlas said...

hi panget!!!

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