Monday, January 18, 2010


title: “ON YOU”
by: edxaii

at first it just a little deal
a deal that turns into real
when you and i first met
there's little spark i felt

wearing a simple shirt and pants
wearing a simple eye glass in black
saying a simple words on me
saying a simple promise that can be

when your lips touched mine
there's something inside of it
when your smile smiles at me
there's something great i feel

i heard I LOVE YOU
then you received I LOVE YOU TOO
if i say i love you, I’ll do
even there's someone who really love me too

i've never thought that I'll fall for you
and i cant fight myself too
it is LOVE? or LUST?
whatever it is, hope it will last

coz there's only one thing I’ll do
its a three words only for you
I LOVE YOU and i really do
pls believe me coz my hearts now beats ON YOU


ginawa ko nun para kay Dexter, ex ko. :)
hmm.. yung drawing sa taas, ako rin nag drawing nun. panget nuh?
hahaha.. halos lahat ng nagiging boyfriend ko nadrawing ko na si Glenn nalang ang hindi. bakit kaya? haaay~ ang hirap kasi eh. weehh^^


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