Monday, January 18, 2010

dont worry tams..

title: dont worry
by: edxaii^^

dont worry i wont blame you
you dont have to worry, its not your fault
you dont need to worry, i’m HAPPY
you dont really need to think of it, i’m OKEY.. [kokey!] haha

today, getting to sensual is normal
you and i felt the same way, right?
in the middle of LOVE theres a LUST
but dont worry, its not the last..

from the moment we feel the fire
inside of it is the real desire
and we cant really hide
our love today is so wild..

so many times we feel it dear
but too many times we keep it clear
for the sake of our secure
and for the love that will endure


di ko pa tapos yan.. at wala nakong balak na tapusin pa.. hahaaha tinatamad nako eh^^


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